Architects of Oblivion

by Malignance

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Tim This album has a unique sound and (what I would call) cinematic vocals. Great stuff! Favorite track: Nakedness of Evil.
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released February 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Malignance Genoa, Italy

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Track Name: Architects of Oblivion
Vanish into nothingness,
thou vilest form of fool,
for I speak no to retreat
nor even I speak to glorify
those ornaments of abjure and failed apostasy.
Thou vassal enamoured of banquets necrophile,
behold thy insulting reckoning:
the undivine parable of the beheaded rat
sitting on the pearly whore's throne.

Behold, the multitude occult.
Behold, I'm the One who speak.
The Voiceless One, the many and the none.
Tem Ohp Ab. The horns of Baphomet.
Inheritance of a mysticism weird.
Unholy throne of the night.
Architects of Oblivion.
Seducers of Void.

“Unseen they walk amongst us
and as we doth join them,
so we stalk the night unseen as well,
for only through the angles can we be seen,
and those without see not,
for their eyes are blinded
by millstones of righteousness.
I say unto thee who speaketh
with garbled tongue...”

On the moon triumphant's endless night of old.
Honest the travel, I'm gleaming as they wait.
Architects... Oblivion...
Track Name: Iron of Janus
Agitate the Maelstrom's whirl
to profanate Demiurge's coffer.
Denied key. Locked door.
Intimidate. Exception.

Speculating philosophy 'bout greater powers
to manipulate and command, manipulate and defend.

Misbegotten son of guilt
how dare thou to stand
before the hyper-trophic God?
All the secret keys are firmly kept
in the worthy ones' hands:
those who have not to pay...
those who have not to dismay.

Qui aliegibus abstulit pacem mundi.
Qui mortem nostra moriendo reparavit.
Qui verminosam vitam resurgendo destruxit.

In the mealy low, sweetly making an evidence.
Benight a silly love, I'll over my fear.

Iron of Janus (x 4).

Hail Andurian!
Rise, old of the grave.
Hail Tysepenhas!
Tool (of) rainy blast sphere.
Hail Renymal!
At the land of the grass.
Hail Oth' uht Yohn!
Soon the relic bows (to) fate.
Hail Disappearing Hand!
At the blow of the crystal fire.
Hail with the spirit claim!
call the red demon's fade.

Iron of Janus (x 2)
Track Name: Nakedness of Evil
Throne in this placement,
I raise your soul.
Cold trails loan.
Prevoned drone.
Knoring blazable.
Your wave allowed.

So the night will dream my speak
at the day of the wild.

A warrior stands to the grip of all time.
They will land the spirits behind,
laying that horrible debris holy crime.
So, smile, entering light.
The hell whiplash, scars of the dead.
The holy ride, kings and domains.
Denying evil, sentence of pain.
The war remains...

God of death, primordial evil one,
coming through the abyss, oh!
O radiant Lucifer thou art bewallen,
silent king of all thine overall.
Sweet night, my fallen machine to weep my whisper,
and millions time I wish thine overlord.

Spread thy cobwebs
across the universe.
Sealing ill wonders
over the roaring of time.
swam pawn their evil:
the potency of the serpent of gold.
Enter the dead, blinded by my fear.
The radiance of the leeches of Lord.
The warrior's astonished sphere.

At the end of the brave.
Starless night.
The brides rise from the graves
until the end.

Tota vexatrix.
Regina strigarum
quem meruisti
decexit vere.
Track Name: Hekate Kleidoukos
Can you feel the presence of the cosmic fear?
Intoxicated by the human distray,
cold as a scorpion.
Inhabitate the revelled soul.

Hekate Kleidoukos.
He whom Hell damns the Pariah on deathside.
Hekate Kleidoukos.
Soon will burn in dreary undead drawl.

Soul of plea, my ambitious flow
never will, I'm never remained.
Be the held of a sinner's fall,
would a liar (to) make unaware?

Coming with a hail of a crimson fire,
unholy woman forever by my side,
hold her as a warrior,
triple mother's purest love from beyond.

Could you never filled up the light?
Sinister downset of the law.
Would I fall never again?
Sinister wound.

Curse of the loud
brimstone that fed
souls of the brave,
do you know my pread?
Speaking out words of the lamb,
adoring proud rastle ahead
Squeaking hound, priest of our end,
looking for (what's) left for the dead.

Left for the dead!

Never, neverending fall...
The cold venom relying on fad:
how bring it with shadows?
See the never sliding thought.

Hekate Kleidoukos (x 2)

Deprival, beware your spirit!!!
Track Name: Thy Raven Wings
Relentless rown at dawn
current mysterious bane.
Thy raven blasts all dormancy.
Benight the Ahriman's frazle
you know the razored sky
prior (to) entake above your light.

Let thy lion's symbol beneath to glow
within halls of whasper, again.
Foolish time to weep my holy sin to know:
hail the silent blasphemy!

Let thy liars praise ornament of wrath
for the ardor of a king isn't measurable in Hell.
Periodic derogation from a forbid God's castration.
Hyresphery sublimation in disemboweled life's dimension.

Thy Raven Wings (x 4)

Kin was the pain.
Darkest dimension.
"Life is good".
Hail profanation!
Evil (of) their own
calling for fear,
one by one.
Behold! They're damned here!

Revel my crawl of masses.
Behold the miserable tyranny.
Hell brings the dimension of doom.
We hail the ambassador: thou enflame and dance.
We hold his presence overall.

Thy Raven Wings (x 4)
Track Name: Hailstorm of Malignance
Second statement of supremacy!

Untroutled liberty
calling for attributive
exegesis of hate.
Morphologic new frontier
of unnatural christic aim
leaves no utter penalty,
except for semiotic

Suggested egotism
developed in escroted evilness
makes no abjure of what's called
unordinated lack of faith.
Paraphernalian inversion
of god's numbness leads
philanthropic mockery
to acquiescence's highest point... inhale the mourning every hour greeding!

Reality lives unbound.
Hailstorm of Malignance.
Oh, wail of this time
penetrate the holy mound.
Three mourning howls:
-ever seen the grave?-
Lady of the unknown.
We, oppressed, have never tried.

Todeslaut aus mehre reine.
Penetrate the skrill, infernal reign.
All the evilness!
Track Name: Gods of the Forsaken
Cries of the forsaken
were sown for he's begloomed.
Rowl numb to this matter.
Gathering fools,
they're waiting for a sin.
Reveal the Hellthorn: Evil!!!

Incantation for the lamb
through the Event's mortal breath.
Lifeless vouring sheedle love
throught the hopless fiddlery.

Damn this pain.
Every your appeal.
Universe plights.
Thunder rises, mesmerized
among the brave dead:
open their mouth.

...And never disappear,
engallowed fool,
at the nightly will.

Incantation from the vault
of thine retaliating ghoul.
Miscreancy multiform
inhabitate the shapeless gods.
Moral promises untold.
Shut the mouth of pregnant whores
by the fists of witches' wrath:
drowning mysteries unfold.

...Then burning idles down
and deepest symbol worn.
Hell is a ban great to the emptiness.
The cold trance-dance above the solid air
will warm the great Mother
(with one) single rain.

Alive! Rage! Do you hear somehaunt?
We have the upright
to penetrate their souls.

Gods of the Forsaken in my dreams,
another form of reality.
Gods of the Forsaken, living beings,
and timeless wars as I numb the wall.
Gods of the Forsaken we'll unbreed
in timeless wards of remembering
Track Name: The negative spiral of Self Indulgence
The war.
The beast.
All bleed.
Low lives.
Reap death.
It bleeds.

Oh, thou weep thy bloodiest fall
called grim consolation
raw grievance.

Time to waste prays and befall.
Ablaze the best of me

Cold statements.
Wall of wail.

Experience what a prayer (does) for one dying.
Timeless wounds bared by tests.
Experience nothing could happen
beyond the level (on which) enter this pain.
Experience shouting so worn
by the deathlace that breaks my eyes.
Track Name: And then I shall fall
So cold the might and you are warm.
Gentle caresses turn to consequences.
Your affection still linger to me.
Why am I nothing for you?

(I'm ) watching devour you with my eyes.
Rails of the game are under curse.
No one change my name:
my chain it all!
I wanna wear the past ways.
Truly, an end. A forest in gaul.
I stare at me from between deaths.
The barking of the gaunts moving through the hills.
They're loathing matter from behind me.
Cold I am in a wave of oppression.
Cold I am in this stream of resignance.
Hell's Blasphemy, the sacred mockery.
Fell any lies at the light of day.
Welcome the might into your heart
and mind the deadly mable-lone decay.
Fleshly pleasure,
sweet pin to torn
like a maze in the evening for your laugh.
The cold essence of a cherished memory.
The resonant ringing vibrates
(Into) my Inner Sanctum.

...And then I shall fall before me.